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M&T | Business Faire

Between 09th to 13th June, was held in São Paulo the 9th edition of the M&T Expo.

Considered one of the most important fairs of the sector , the event brought together more than 45,000 visitors and 478 exhibitors. Marcos Chiarinelli, president of Guiton: "This one is a GT 10. This equipment is in accordance with the new standards for the use of scaffolding and for being an equipment portfolio B, anyone can drive. You can have access to small places, work as cleaning facades, lighting, electric network maintenance, tree pruning, several services in time before used scaffolds and today you can use this machine.

Overall, the fair was positive. It approached the market and managed a less pessimistic air the current economic situation. Another encouraging factor was the announcement of road concessions made ​​right at the beginning of the fair, where the government apply about 198 billion reais in infrastructure projects next year.

Guiton - Todos os direitos reservados - 2015
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